We made this site because we felt the world lacked a definitive source where we could go to find out how successful (read: good) an anime is.
Many sites offer reviews, but all of their reviews seem to have three or more pages of content. On AnimeReviews.xyz, we're hoping to remove this stigma that to have your say, you have to spend hours planning and perfecting an essay-length document.

Additionally, this site is a giant experiment to determine how much we can determine if someone will like an anime or not, based on the experiences of others. Currently, the site only knows of my opinion, so it cannot perform this function. However, as we collect more and more data, we'll add more and more features that use it.

The Team

John is the frontend and backend engineer. He is our resident expert in ecchi, romance and shōjo anime. His favourite shows include Yamada's First Time, A Certain Scientific Railgun and Strawberry Panic.

Some facts about John:
  • He drinks a lot of tea
  • He detests Java and all its offshoots, including Javascript
  • His Twitter is @johncaveishere

Cloudia manages community engagement and branding and is our resident expert in giant robot and yuri anime. Her favourite shows include Neon Genesis Evangelion

Our Technology

This is the software we use to power this site. If it's not listed here, we probably don't use it!