A Certain Magical Index

A Certain Magical Index is set in a world where supernatural abilities are a reality. Individuals who possess special powers acquired via science are called Espers (超能力者 Chōnōryokusha). They possess their powers from birth, but most only awaken them during the Power Curriculum Program. Those Espers who awaken their abilities without the aid of special scientific instruments, whether at birth or through meditation, are referred to as Gemstones (原石 Genseki). Others, known as Magicians (魔術師 Majutsushi), gain their powers upon mastering the power of magic, either from obtaining knowledge from special books known as Grimoires (魔道書 Madōsho) or by using mystical artifacts, though the existence of magicians is a secret to the public. While Magicians align themselves with ancient religions, Espers are aligned with scientific institutions. This leads to a power struggle between the magic and science factions for control of the world.

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